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Dyed Black Tibet Lamb Plate (167-A026)
Dyed Black Tibet Lamb Plate (167-A026)

Dyed Black Tibet Lamb Plate (167-A026)

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These plates are made from real Tibet/Mongolian Lambskins. 

They measure approximately 22" by 45" in size (~56 cm by 114 cm or ~2 ft by 4 ft).  They are not perfect rectangles. The hair is approximately 4" to 5" in length, and can be as long as 6".  Each plate weighs between 1.5 to 2 pounds (< 1 kg).

    The plates make ideal floor rugs and are often used for making dolls, Teddy Bears, furniture throws and pillows.  

    While we may supply the Doll-Hair market, please note we supply Tibet Lamb PLATES, not hair.  Please advise of any specific requirements when ordering but if you do not believe the plate will meet your needs, you must notify us upon receipt before cutting or altering in any way.

    Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch.

    Product of China.

    Product Code:  NEC-167-A026

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