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Surgical Tools (1305-G01 to G64)

Surgical Tools (1305-G01 to G64)

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These are stainless steel surgical tools of various design. 

These would make movie or television set pieces.

G01 to G26 - Sugical Tools

G27 - Metal Case

G28 - Surgical Tool

G29 - Bone Crusher

G30 to G33 - Surgical Tools

G34 to G37 - Rib Spreader

G38 to G45 - Surgical Tools

G46 to G47 - Aspirator

G48 to G54 - Aspirator Bi

G55 to G57 - Knee Gouge

G58 to G64 - Surgical Tools

They are NOT recommended for surgical or medical use.

There are no export controls for this item.

Product of Hungary.

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