Real Human Spinal Column (G05)
Real Human Spinal Column (G05)

Real Human Spinal Column (G05)

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This real human spinal column came from a partial skeleton and is for sale to medical professionals only. This includes three loose vertebrae.

Length of the entire spine: 25"
Width of the smallest vertebra: 2"
Width of the largest vertebra: 3" 
Length of the sacrum and coccyx: 6"
Width of the sacrum and coccyx: 4"

Weight: 410 g

There are no restrictions on the sale of these items in Ontario or the rest of Canada that we are aware of at the time of printing.

Please check with the authorities in your province before purchasing or offering to sell these items.

Three states in the USA (New York, Georgia, and Tennessee) prohibit the import and export of human bones across their state lines.

Product Code: NEC-593-20-G05

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