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Pre-Colombian Charm Bracelet (1249-20-G02)
Pre-Colombian Charm Bracelet (1249-20-G02)

Pre-Colombian Charm Bracelet (1249-20-G02)

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This is a beautiful Pre-Colombian charm bracelet. Our Pre-Colombian jewelry collection is inspired by the beautiful craftmanship of the various pre-Hispanic societies that once inhabited modern day Colombia. Made with gold, colorful stone beads and other materials, these designs are timeless. Most are exact replicas of original pieces housed in the Golden Museum of the Banco de la Republica in Bogota, Colombia, manufactured with the highest technology in 24-karat gold. Note, these pieces are gold-plated.

This is a Tairona gold charm bracelet with four figures - a butterfly nose ring, a shaman, a horn and a poporo (lime container). This comes in a brown box.

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Made in Colombia.

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