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Musk Ox Hide (182-G2879)
Musk Ox Hide (182-G2879)
Musk Ox Hide (182-G2879)

Musk Ox Hide (182-G2879)

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This is a real musk ox hide.

This hide comes with four legs with hooves and part of the face. The skin is a long dense coat of coarse dark brown guard hairs over a paler underfur. There is a small patch at the top of the hide where the qiviut is showing, and there are some tears on the leather side of the hide, running down the spine. 

Length across the hide: 167 cm
Width across the hide: 145 cm

Genus and species: Ovibos moschatus. Wild.

Muskox are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

There are about 100,000 roaming around northern Canada.  The musk ox are protected by a quota.  Each year, hunters are allowed to hunt about 600 animals, but only take about 400 per year.  Many of the animals are eaten and the hide is a by-product of a subsistence life style.

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