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Icelandic Sheepskin: Piebald (7-304-G4311)
Icelandic Sheepskin: Piebald (7-304-G4311)

Icelandic Sheepskin: Piebald (7-304-G4311)

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We import and stock a nice selection of Icelandic sheepskins. The long wool sheepskins make ideal rugs and furniture coverings. Native Americans use the white sheepskins for ankle dressings and the black and brown ones are used for buffalo headdresses. The hair length is approximately 4" to 6" with the shortest hair along the spine. The hair does not go in one direction like a dog or cat's fur, but rather it falls in every direction. This is not a hollow hair, so it doesn't break or shed.

These Icelandic sheepskins are Eco-tanned without the use of heavy metals. The exact formulation is a trade-secret but the tanning meets European Union regulations for an environmentally friendly tanning process.

Measurements (skin side): 45" x 23"

Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch.

Icelandic sheep are not endangered. The skins we offer are a by-product of the food industry in Iceland. The animals were not killed just for their skins.

Product of Iceland, Tanned in Poland.

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