Creamy White Raçka Sheepskin (G26)
Creamy White Raçka Sheepskin (G26)

Creamy White Raçka Sheepskin (G26)

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This is a Creamy White Raçka Sheepskin. 

These Raçka (pronounced Rass Ka) sheepskins come from a special breed of Hungarian sheep. Raçka sheep look like angora goat with unusual spiral-shaped horns. They look like angora goats but their wool is more sheep-like and softer. Their wool is long and appears in two general types: a cream wool with light brown faces and legs, and a black variation. There is some variation within each color.

The Hungarian woman we buy the racka from believes there are only about 1,000 racka available each year. She only tans 200 to 300 per year.  We select just the best quality hides for our customers.  

The racka have a distinctive look.  I like to refer to them as Rastafarian hides.  The long, matted curls remind me of dreadlocks.  It’s not a look for everyone, but is special for someone who wants something out of the ordinary. 

The hides are nicely tanned on the hide side and are soft and supple.  The woman we get these from does very high quality work.  The hides are alum tanned.

Length: 40" (101.6 cm)
Width at the Top: 20" (50.8 cm)
Width at the Middle: 23" (58.4 cm)
Width at the Bottom: 24" (61 cm)

Weight: 2.22 lbs (1 kg)

Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch.  

Raçka sheeps are not an endangered species and are not subject to CITES controls. 

There are no export controls for this item.

Product of Hungary.

Product Code: NEC-1176-101-G26

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