Bleached White Tail Deer Rawhide (55-40-SELB)
Bleached White Tail Deer Rawhide (55-40-SELB)

Bleached White Tail Deer Rawhide (55-40-SELB)

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Our white tail deer rawhide is of good quality. The Select grade have no holes in the center of the hide. There may be holes on the sides or top, but this do not interfere with cutting out a nice drum circle. They are sold by the hide.

This is our bleached select-grade rawhide. It is prepared in a light parchment color (i.e., like pale honey) using a hydrogen peroxide treatment. 

White tail deer rawhide is a bit thinner than red deer rawhide, but are more similar to each other in thickness than they are to elk rawhide.

Quantities in the on-line store are kept low to avoid double selling.  If you need more than a few hides at a time, please send us a note and we can verify quantities available and update the stock counts.

We ship to most countries other than the U.S.  We cannot ship this item to the U.S. due to U.S. Fish & Wildlife import regulations.  We offer this on our U.S. websites.  Please contact us for more information for U.S. orders.

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